Since 01.02.2016. the companies GRC Group and Gastrobit became one company under the name Gastrobit-GRC Group, all to provide even better business support and to increase range of products and services for our clients. Both companies separated their IT sectors and merged them into a new company. The new company is the legal successor of a set of IT operations of both companies, as well as all the contracts related to the specified business transacted with companies GASTROBIT and GRC Group, from legal standpoint transferred to GASTROBIT – GRC GROUP d.o.o ..

That business decision, have created one of the largest Croatian companies for the development and maintenance of applications for catering, hospitality, retail, wholesale and financial operations with more than 15,000 applications.

We hope to continue our business on even higher level while providing our partners with new opportunities for the computerization of their businesses.

GRC GRUPA d.o.o.

The company for trade, services and business consultancy, established in 2005 on the basis of trade business that operated from 2000 to 2005. During our successful business decade we have successfully worked with a number of companies in both Croatia and Bosnia, and we have a great tendency of growth in the future. For our business solutions we provide adequate training by people who are professionals in their field of work as well as full service support. GRC group and GRC services have 21 full-time employees who take care of our customers and their employees on a daily basis. Based on our references we can conclude that in the last 10 years we have managed to create a big range of users and reached the figure of 15,000 people (employees of our customers) that use our software and services every day. Of course this would have not been possible without our  partners. In every major city GRC group has authorized service, and in some cities own service and sales. Long story short, we are a modern and dynamic company that from the beginning of its operations based on the development and integration solutions to our customers to access information and to them thus making it easier for business and make them more competitive in the market. Our success and continued growth, which recorded year after year, are proof of our seriousness and confidence we receive from our customers. Within our company also operates the company GRC services for accounting and finance that deals with accounting and bookkeeping services and consulting.


We started in the last century, back in 1994, under the name TOMISLAV 1994 Ltd. and with only 2 employees. In the beginning we only dealt with trade and cash register service, in the time of »Smart« POS devices, and we developed applications for transferring data to computers. As market demands were increasing, we estimated that these devices would not be able to fulfill all user demands and in order to eliminate limitations of these devices, we have, at the same time, started with the development of our own applications for catering and retail facilities. In the specific demands of catering facilities that we have equipped with our applications, we have recognized a new challenge and have therefore directed further development of applications toward the service industry, while moving away from classic registers and retail. After Croatia introduced VAT, we completely focused on our own applications for the service industry, found a quality supplier of equipment designed to meet all the singularities of the service industry, and here began our cooperation with the Austrian company ORDERMAN® whose GOLD PARTNERS in Croatia we have remained to this day. We then began developing a distribution network all over Croatia. We pay special attention to the development of our applications. Over the years, we have worked toward developing user friendly applications which would simultaneously provide the user with as much useful information as possible and assist them in their work. We constantly grew, increasing the number of our users and employees while systematically upgrading our applications in accordance with the demands of the service industry.


GASTROBIT – GRC grupa d.o.o.,

for trading, services and business consulting

OIB: 66341658681


core business code: 62.01 Computer programming

This company is registered at the Commercial Court iz Zagreb, MBS: 081004833

Headquarters: Dugo Selo, Zagrebačka 145b share capital of the company is 200.000,00 kn, fully paid,


Management board: Tomislav Copić, Goran Radošić

Business bank: Raiffeisen BANK Austria d.d. Zagreb

IBAN: HR8224840081107543224, SWIFT: RZBHHR2X