Made in Croatia

SmartOFFICE is the roof application of the SmartSolutions system. This powerful application for the central system of your data allows you to define a large number of various options, to define offered items, the address book of your customers and suppliers, the making of all necessary document, communication with the central database, to define business obligations, as well as a vast number of overviews, graphic results and reports which will help you make excellent business decisions in the shortest possible time.

By using SmartOffice you are able to monitor realization by all possible parameters, buyers, and even define your own loyalty program with different prices depending on the customers.

  • Definition of master data: unit measures, consumption taxes, value added taxes, tax exemptions
  • Centralized management of cost centers, points of sale and employees
  • Simple input of departments, items, normatives
  • Possibility of predefining pricelist activations and copying them to several registers/points of sale
  • Loyalty: input, administration and complete monitoring of the upgrade
  • Complete support for catering and commercial business: goods receipts, returns, write-offs, transfer notes, production, components, calculations, inventories, wholesale invoices, delivery notes, package, foreign currency goods receipts/calculations
  • Assignment of goods to bars
  • Defining item options (warm/cold etc.), item identifiers
  • Hot keys setting (for quick selection in the register) – possibility of copying to several registers and an automatic fill-in
  • Definition of preferred items – favorites
  • Menu designer: creating menu items that may be obligatory and offer several options
  • Definition of daily offers
  • Happy hour: creation and detailed planning of activation
  • Definition of discount items regardless of the price list and happy hour
  • Configuration of the Orderman terminals
  • E-mailing daily profit
  • Database backup
  • Communication with remote locations – send/receive
  • Scales support
  • Control and correction of normative
  • URE/IRE, invoicing of transfer orders
  • Logging function
  • A vast number of accounting overviews and the overviews of goods and materials
  • Creating all necessary overviews for accounting with one click of the mouse, and a direct possibility to send them via e-mail
  • Support for the import/export of data from other systems (BBM, 4D Wand, Boltano, Ritam, Nielsen, Synesis…)