Tech support

Gastrobit Grc Group devotes great care to its customers and we have set up a service support center. To provide timely, high-quality service and technical support services there is an army of our support staff members at 6 locations throughout the country and they are there to provide you a top notch service. In addition, to support from 8-23h with certain options, we also offer a special maintenance contract that provides support from 0-24 where you can rest assured that you will get a top-trained IT professional to quickly and efficiently solve every that might occur.

Support 100%
Efficiency 100%

Simplicity and high efficiency

Service Center works in a simple way where when calling customer support, service manager hears the user and based on the information forwards the call to the IT technician which has, at the time of connecting user, already got familiar with the problems and there is no need for additional clarifying. After receiving calls technician performs the needed service as soon as possible, and if necessary further educate users to reduce the possibility of repeating mistakes.

Gastrobit Grc Group has two types of users, at least regarding the maintenance. There are contractual and non-contractual beneficiaries. There are no differences in the quality of support and all users can reach the support the exact same way. The difference is that the contractual users have priority in the calls, and the ability to get support 0-24, a non-contractual beneficiaries customer support systems through a 060 number which is charged by regular call price list, and support is possible every day from Monday to Friday from 8 -16h.